Caterpillar has been the world leader in Track Type Tractors for more than a century. The D8R provides legendary Cat durability and reliability with proven technology to increase your productivity and profits. From sturdy structures to integrated engine and power train systems, the D8R is a world-class tractor designed to help you produce the best quality work in a variety of applications.

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Power and reliability

Caterpillar is one of the leading engine manufacturers in the world. Each component of a Cat engine is designed with accurate controls that optimize power and fuel efficiency with a modular design to improve engine service ease.


Large capacity and high torque increases allow the D8R to crush hard material. High cylinder capacity rating allows continuous operation for a long time. Turbocharger and aftercooler produce high horsepower while maintaining low rpm and exhaust gas temperature. An efficient direct injection fuel system saves fuel costs. The steel spacer between the block and cylinder head negates the need for block counter-bore, thus extending the block life. Engine components last longer because oil-cooled pistons and water-cooled cylinder liners produce maximum heat transfer that extends component life. Cylinder head also uses additional coolant ducts to maximize cooling to the rear of the engine. Stellite face valves, through complete hardening crankshaft journals and steel-reinforced copper-reinforced aluminum bearings help ensure reliable performance in the most demanding tasks. Loading.